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Antimagnetic RFID Car Key Mobile Phone Bag Shielding Set Radiation Cell Phone Pocket

Antimagnetic RFID Car Key Mobile Phone Bag Shielding Set Radiation Cell Phone Pocket

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1. Signal attenuation strength:90dB
2. Signal shielding efficiency:100%
3. Color:Black
4. Size:13 x 8.5cm
5. Material:Carbon fiber

1. Anti-radiation: Use the mobile phone to install the shielding bag to prevent the electromagnetic radiation of the mobile phone itself from harming the human body, but it does not affect the normal communication. It is favored and loved by pregnant women to ensure the healthy growth of the fetus.
2. Shielding signal: Put the mobile phone into the shielding bag. When you call the mobile phone, you will hear the message"The user you dialed cannot be connected temporarily, please dial later" or"The mobile phone you dialed is not in the service area".
3. Anti-information leakage: Put the mobile phone into the shielding bag, others cant track and locate you through the mobile phone; you cant steal the conference content through the mobile phone, and cant steal or destroy the information in your mobile phone.
4. Anti-degaussing: All kinds of memory cards and electronic products with storage media are placed in the shielding bag to prevent degaussing, protect the data information stored therein, and avoid the interference of electromagnetic fields and prevent data loss. If the bank card is placed in the shielding bag, the signal of the mobile phone can be prevented from degaussing the bank card, thereby avoiding the trouble of eliminating the tape.
5. Eliminate static electricity.

Package included:
1 x signal blocking bag

1. 1 inch = 2.54 cm
2. Due to the difference between the different displays, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thank you!
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