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Mini PCI-E Version V8.0 EXP GDC Laptop External Independent Video Card Dock Express Card

Mini PCI-E Version V8.0 EXP GDC Laptop External Independent Video Card Dock Express Card

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About The Product
1. Support for PCI-E X16, the actual X1 mode (according to different notebook configuration can be upgraded to X2 mode)
2. Products: Notebook PCI-E expansion device
3. Product positioning: Notebook performance upgrade.
4. Operating system: For Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 8.1, for Linux etc.
- (Remind : Nor Win XP, for Win8/8.1 is only compatible with the laptop with external screen)
5. EXP GDC is a Notebook external graphics adapter equipment, including power and other necessary accessories. Graphics card to buy.
-(Screen: use its notebook display need laptop comes with Intel (R) HD graphics and connected above GTS450 as NVIDIA graphics. Otherwise you need external monitor.)

1. Dual TD compatible switch (hardware conflict resolution)
2. Multistage anti interference circuit
3. Data line reinforcement
4. Multi power automatic switching (support for soft start)
5. High quality imported electronic components
6. Support metal cabinet (optional)
7. Double copper technology to enhance system power supply
8. Isolation protection circuit
9. LED status indicator
10. USB interface extension
11. Lateral 6 PIN power supply interface

Power Support
1. 8P interface: 220W max.
2. DC interface: 150W max.
3. Note: The power limit without ATX cable.

Extended Support
PCI-E X16: DMI GT/s (X1) 5

Support List
1. Lenovo: W530, T520, W520, X220, X220, TZ570, T420, Y460, Y560, PT410, E420, X201, X201s, Edge 14, T410s, T400, T510, TX200, W500, T61p, X61T, T61, T60, T520, T420, Sy470, T420, IY480, G480, k580s, E520, Y580, G500, E46, AY530, G510, Y400, G500, V460, Y560, y480, E420, K29, B470, Z470, L421, SL410, KE420, SG470, G450, z465, Y500, V370, G430, Z370, Y485, Y410, V1000AT-ISE, s410, py471a, s230u, V570, e420, Z500, V470, Y4070, G710, y430, S400, SR1000, B5400, S405, Y50, Z501, Z480, Z580, U310, K46A, z380.
2. Dell: E6520, Vostro3450, XPS15 L502, Studio 1557, E6220, M4500, E6420, E4300, Studio 1557, XPS 1645, E4310, M4600, Inspiron 1545, XPS 1340, E4300, XPS 1640, E6500, Inspiron 1420, XPS 1340, Vostro 1500, Vostro 1440, Vostro v130, XPS M1530, D830, M1330, Studio 1555, Insp 1520, Vostro 1310, E1505 1545, E6520, E6520, E6220, E5410, E4310, E641014, RM1210 4600, MD630, E6420 6320, N4120, N5010 3421, N3010 7720, 14R4728 1520, 14rd658, N4110, 14RD658 inspiron15-3521, e6320 7420 5537, xps1645 15r7520 7670, 15R 4526 5547 7730, 14R 5420, M6600 7520 5537 4050, vostro3300, n3420, L702, X3542 1558, 15 75484z-5423E6230.
3. Sony: VPC Z21, VPC Z11, Z13VPC, Z12VGN, FW45, Z46GDVGN, NS110e, EA27ECVPC, CA36EC, EA47EC, CB36EC, Nw35e, EA200C, S138Vgn, nw71fb, SVT11138CC, Svpc s128ec, FW17, Z45, vpcea25 fg, vpc ea18ec VPCEB26FX, VPCZ138GG, sve14a28ccs, Pcg-71212t, SVE 141.
4. HP: 4530s, 2560P, 8460P, 4330s, 2540P, 8440P, DV4-2000, 2530P, 2740P, 6930P, 6930P, 2730P, HDX9000, Pavilion DV4, DV9690 en, CQ60, DV7 1267CL, HD X16 HD X18, TTX2 2510P, DV7-3020ED, DV2000, dv2416, US6910P, NC6400, 2133 4530s, Hp8440 p14 G42, DV5 1220TX, N5110, 8570P, CQ35-219TX, DV2804TX, CQ45, CQ40, CQ42 285TX, 8560P, 2730p, 4321s, DV7, HP4431, 8470P, 2570P, envy17, j120us, HP6450B, HP8470P. cq15-102tx. 2570P, 8460P.
5. Fujitsu: AH531, T731, S6420, T901, T5010, AH56/Gnh532.
6. Acer: 5755G, 3820TG, 5920G, EX5620Z, 5742G, 1810TZ, 5720G, 1410, Ferrari One 4752G, 4750G, E1-471G, 5750G, 5951G, E1-571G, V3-571G,V5-472G, 4315V, 5-471G, v3772g, 4738G, Acer4745g, E5-511G, 5552g.
7. MSI: CX623, CR720, A6200-021US, CR630, M610, GX640, GE60.
8. Toshiba: R840, A665, L305-S5921 L300, A505-6965, M332, M780, L700, L650-02B, L800.
9. Clevo: M860TU, M570RU.
10. Sager: NP2096, NP8662, NP5793.
11. NEC: Versa E6500.
12. Tsinghua University: u49f, K41H, A14RM0C.
13. Blue sky: p170em.
14. Haier: 7g-2X5P.
15. Gigabyte: p15f V2.
16. Fangzhengyihe: a600.
17. Samsung: R780, NP300E4, ANP 270E5J-K01CN, R428, RV420.
18. LG: P300.
19. HASEE: A460-I7, K590C A560P, K580P, A430, K470, p460P, A550, k602c, K590S, K500D E400, K500C-i7/ D1k660E, A460p-i7, K480N.
20. Asus: F8S, AX42JR, X59SL, 1015PEM, M60J, Y581C, X81, x55v, X450VB, X450JS, x450c, N61JV, x402ca, U24E, r400, P53SJ, n75sl, n75s, N61JQ, N56n, 55sf, n53, k56c, k55vd, K53SV, K52DR, k45vs, K43SM, a55vd, K42JB, K40IP, K40IN, g73sw, F83se, A73S, A55VM, A53, a450j, A43X, A43s, a42j, k55vm, k43SD, G74SX, N43sl, n55sl, k55vm, A45, K56CB, K43D, K42kv, X55XI237VD-SL, X550VC, N81VG, X751L, A53S, A53SM, a450jf.

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